Integration, exposed: Integration round 2013-07-12 - last one standing

by Damyon Wiese.  

Cold numbers:

62 issues have been successfully integrated with 15 rejected and 6 delayed. That is 80% success, busy week!


  • We have been processing deprecations in master for 2.6. This is done early in the cycle to give developers plenty of time to test and fix their code. See the deprecation meta issue for more information: MDL-34434.
  • moodleforms can now be tested in unit tests. See MDL-40176 for more information.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-31776 - Alternate name fields, to allow Asian languages to flexibly display user names in Chinese characters, local phonetic system or Romanization
  • MDL-37565 - Better looking tinymce editor: toggle toolbars between 1 and 3 lines
  • MDL-40415 - OPcache support
  • MDL-38314 - Manage repositories error when the context of an instance is missing

Warm thanks:

  • To Adrian Greeve, for completing his "Alternate name fields" enhancement to Moodle. There is great demand for this feature from some countries and despite the technical challenges, we have arrived at a great result.
  • To Marina Glancy, for making an extra effort after being left the last integrator standing this week (we had some sickness and scheduled rotations).

Off topic:

  • Do we need a tracker issue for curing influenza?

Cheers - Damyon

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