Jenny Gray: Seeking an AV delivery system

“The OU would like a central “podcasting” platform” – the proposal statement for a new project I’ve been asked to investigate.

We already have a podcast platform, which started out life as a research piece and has grown organically with additional features and has become an important part of our AV distribution, so now we’d like to ensure we can offer a robust, scalable, maintainable system that we can rely upon.

So far I’ve been gathering requirements, which look reasonably simple (yes, I’m still at the hopelessly naive stage of this project)

  • transcode uploaded assets where appropriate
  • host video for disemmination in various ways
    • embed snippets for use in other websites
    • RSS syndication
    • own website
  • publish to itunes, youtube and other social channels,
    • including supporting artwork
    • support for ePub/iBooks would be nice
  • Fully accessible with support for AD, CC, transcripts
  • APIs for custom extensions

And there’s the obvious “must support mobile”, “multiple file formats”, “progressive download/pseudo-streaming etc”, “single sign on with rest of OU”.

It could be that we’ll improve our own system, but we’d also like to take a look at “the market” and see what else is out there.   I can read reports and Google with appropriate search keywords, but there’s nothing like a recommendation so ….

What do you use for your AV platform?


Jenny Gray: Seeking an AV delivery system

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