Integration, exposed: Integration round 2013-06-06 - Less drama than Game of Thrones

by Dan Poltawski.  

Cold numbers:

35 issues have been successfully integrated with 3 rejected and 0 delayed. That is 92% success, hurrah!


There are a number of different specification discusions going on the Using Moodle forums for changes planned in 2.6, all developers are encouraged to contribute and help us make some sound future frameworks.

We are now at the end of the on sync period. New features arriving in integration will be accepted into master from next week.

Some confusion has arisen about changes for MOODLE_23_STABLE. For clarification, we will continue to accept (and encourage) bugfixes landing to become part of Moodle 2.3.8 until its release on Monday 8th July.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-39790 - Badges block can now be added to the course page
  • MDL-39588 - Oracle installs now autodetect and autoinstall the missing Moodle support package
  • MDL-34085 - Fixes to the core_course_duplicate_course webservice
  • MDL-21097 - Permissions for show/hiding activites are now properly respecting capabilites

Warm thanks:

  • To Russell Smith for jumping in, engaging and contributing to some very tricky Moodle bugs, thanks and welcome!

beijos! Dan

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