Gavin Henrick: Moodle for Motivation Toolguide

motivationguideAs you may remember I released a Moodle 2 version of Moodle Tool Guide which was created by Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz). Well,  Natalie Denmeade (@moodlemuse) has taken the Toolguide and made a very useful version for Gamification.  As she explained the Gamification Toolguide is designed to map Moodle activities to different player types and provide tips on how Moodle can be configured to use gamification elements.

For those who attended the excellent gamification presentation by @Moodlemuse “Gamification in Moodle- more than just badges” they will have seen it, but for those who didn’t get to it here is the file:

pdfDownload Moodle for Motivation Toolguide (pdf) - 1.98 MB

Natalie has also started a Moodle for Motivation LinkedIn group to share resources, ideas and examples. For those interested – Join it here

For all details on the original version created by Joyce Seitzinger for Moodle 1.9 check out her website -> Moodle Tool Guide

For all Moodle 2 Tool Guide versions check


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