Integration, exposed: Integration round 2013-05-24 - Catching our breath

by Damyon Wiese.  

Cold numbers:

27 issues have been successfully integrated with 5 rejected and 0 delayed. That is 84% success, not bad!


It was a light integration week as many devs are involved in planning meetings in the new frontend/backend teams.

We are now in the on sync period. This means no new features will be integrated until for 2.6 until 2.5.1 is release and we split the branches. New features arriving in integration will be held until the end of this period.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-39697 - Bootstrapbase $THEME->layouts need 'Maintenance' is missing important options.
  • MDL-39673 - Backport MDL-38441 (stylesheet system problems with large sheets in IE)
  • MDL-28250 - Incorrect link to Creative Commons

Warm thanks:

  • To Mark Nelson, for his continuing awesome work on the forum and certificate modules (and for making the HQ office more entertaining)!

Cheers, Damyon

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