Moodle App 3.9 is now available

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 3.9 of the Moodle App. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

New features

  • H5P activity - including offline tracking support (requires Moodle 3.9)
  • iPad multitasking - having the Moodle app sharing the screen at the same time as other apps (similar to Android split view)
  • On-boarding slides for new Moodle app users (Android only)
  • Site finder - enabling a user to easily find their Moodle site by entering the name (no need to enter the site URL)
  • QR reader - enabling a user to scan QR codes and open external URLs or courses and activities in the app
  • Feedback from the app (active app users only)

Exclusive features for Pro and Premium subscriptions

  • QR code auto-login - enabling a user to scan a QR code in their Moodle site profile and be automatically logged in in the app without having to enter their credentials (requires Moodle 3.9)
  • Site finder customised info - site admins can customise the information about their site which is displayed in site finder search results

Interested in having your site listed in the Moodle app site finder? Please check our Moodle app guide for admins.


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