Introducing our new Moodle App plans

Hello Moodlers!

From 2nd April 2020, we are introducing a new range of Moodle App Plans. 

We are making some changes to our standard Moodle app so it now has three functionality levels called Free, Pro and Premium. Our flagship Branded Moodle App product will not change. 

The resulting set of plans will look like this:

Moodle Apps Plans

My students are all using the free Moodle app in the app stores, will this affect us?
By default, the free Moodle app will work exactly as it did before, with some new limits:

  • Only 2 courses can be saved offline per device
  • Only the first 50 devices will receive notifications from any particular Moodle site
  • Fewer custom branding options

If this is a problem for you, then please read on!

How do the new plans work?
As soon as a Moodle site owner subscribes to a Premium plan or Pro plan, then all devices connecting to that site with our standard Moodle app will immediately receive the additional features, including:

  • New expanded notifications with multimedia previews
  • More offline courses per device
  • More devices receiving notifications per site
  • More custom branding options

Please note that our standard app itself is ALWAYS free: students and teachers who use the Moodle app will never pay any fees.   The site owner is the one who subscribes.

Are there ways to get a Premium plan for free?
Yes, here are three ways:

  1. Using a Moodle Partner, or MoodleCloud
    If your site is hosted with a Moodle Partner, or on, then your Moodle site will automatically receive the full Premium app plan at no cost.
    We do this to thank you for using our official services and supporting the Moodle project.
  2. Qualify as a non-profit organisation
    Non-profit organisations and NGOs may also qualify to receive the Premium Moodle App Plan at no cost.  Send details about your organisation, including your site URL, to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. and we will get back to you with instructions soon.
  3. Build your own app using our open source code
    As always, we provide our full Premium features as open source code. If you have developers then you can create and control your own app. However, the cost to you is likely to be much more than the very reasonable price of our Premium plan!

Why are you making these changes?
It’s important to make very clear: all our software is free and open source, and that will never change. 

We would love to provide all our services for free too, but making software and providing services costs money, lots of money. We estimate that Moodle has cost over US$100 million dollars to develop so far, and we still have big dreams! Our mission and our values prevent us from using advertising, data collection and other techniques that some companies use to provide "free" services.

We’ve designed these plans carefully so that we don’t affect educators who need our support the most, while encouraging the many thousands of larger institutions using Moodle around the world to make a small financial contribution towards our sustainability.

Your support gives us more power to create better and better free Open EdTech for you to use!

OK, so what now?
By 20 March, 2020, we will share with you more information on how and where you can upgrade to these Moodle App Plans.

In the meantime, please read our Frequently Asked Questions on Moodle Docs or join the plans discussion in our community forum.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Moodle!

The whole team at Moodle HQ

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